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HP Envy Printer …How much do I love thee?

A couple of years ago, my best friend the iPad came into my life. My poor laptop was jealous, but he did not offer me anywhere near the same flexibility or benefits. I loved my iPad! It was nearly perfect. One of the only “cons” I ran across was printing. I could not print from my iPad (or iPhone for that matter) on my wi-fi printer. Truth be told, there may have been a way for me to figure it out, but I am not significantly tech savvy and was not interested in spending several frustrating hours trying to figure it out.

HP Envy 5530
HP Envy 5530

So I started to do a bit of research to see if there was a printer that would suit my OCD requirements. Since, this was going to be my second printer and I am limited on space, it needed to be small, EASY to install and quiet. And if that was not enough of a list, since this was not a necessity but a convenience, it needed to be very well priced.

Enter the HP Envy….aahhh. Yes, that is the sound of angels singing. This has to be the best printer hands down that I have ever had. It not only fit all of my crazy criteria, but it has added features I never thought I would use, but now cannot live without.

My HP Envy is small and quiet as could be, but installation you ask? Plug it into the wall. Yup, that is basically it. Once it is plugged in, your iPad/iPhone (smartphone) will pick it up as a device and you can print. You can do a bit more detailed install if you want to scan and take advantage of some other features, but it is not necessary for basic printing. I chose to do the whole installation. I readied the phone next to me, knowing that I no doubt would need HP to walk me through the installation, and it was truly simple, even for the technically challenged!

This little printer, is not so little, as it:

  • makes copies
  • scans to your email or computer
  • sends and receives faxes (you even get your own fax number FREE)
  • prints beautiful photo quality prints on 4 x 6 photo paper and
  • has an added feature that I did not know existed, but now I cannot live without – you can assign an email address to the printer and by simply sending an email to your printer, it will print whatever you emailed.

Cut to a year later…I have started a business making gift baskets for people that are going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment. My parents (who I bought this printer for last Hanukah) very generously offered me their basement as my “factory”. As my business has grown, my HP Envy has kept right up with the pace. But here was my “AHA moment,” as Oprah would say. Last week, I needed to travel for a few days. My amazing parents offered to ship any orders that I received while I was out of town. The only problem was that they are REALLY not tech savvy and it would have been impossible for me to walk them through all the steps needed to print shipping labels and the gift cards. Then I remembered, I can email their printer (it was so worth buying them the printer!) So instead of canceling my trip, or worrying about burdening my parents with cumbersome tech lessons, all I had to do was bring my laptop with me (he was happy to be top dog again, albeit temporary and email the gift cards and shipping labels to my parents printer. Viola! Problem solved! And it worked like a charm!! HP Envy…best money I have ever spent!!

If you would like to know more about the model I purchased HP Envy All in One 5330 click here.

I bought mine on Amazon.com (love their Prime shipping model) but HP is having a sale now and this printer is only $89.99. And if you can believe it, they are offering free shipping too. They must have known I would write this review to tout their product so they wanted to be prepared, LOL. So HP may be your best bet!

If you would like to learn more about my gift basket business for people going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment, please check out my website, Rock The Treatment, by clicking here. While you are there, please connect with me on social media. Thanks, Stacy

A BIG thank you goes out to Stacy for being my guest blogger 🙂

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