Hello, my name is Laney Liner.   I am a communications consultant with over 20 years of experience.  Words and visuals are a passion of mine.  Yes, I still write handwritten notes.


Everything has MEANING.  Take time to craft your message as the RIGHT words and visuals are KEY ingredients in your communications recipe:

  • Obtain a DEEP knowledge of your audience from their likes to dislikes
  • Know where to FIND them so you can put your message where they will see and/or hear it
  • UNDERSTAND their pain points
  • TIME your message

I help individuals and businesses craft and deliver messages to their intended audience and ensure their overall user experience is positive.

Do you need copywriting services for press releases, blog entries, professional bios and print advertisements?  Do you want your internal and external communications to be outstanding?

When developing a website, ensuring users are engaged and are allowed to remain in control during their visit will help keep them on your site.  I can help with that too.

Reach out and let’s talk: 516.316.5633.